A holistic approach to the development of Africa's brightest children. 


Our Academies

In the 21st century, education cannot be confined to the classroom.

Values of empathy and goodwill, passion for problem solving, strong character – these are the prerequisites for our future leaders.

LEAD academies combine high-quality education, professional sport training, good nutrition, healthcare, and life skills to empower Africa’s future leaders.


The Big Five

Our academies are founded on five principles:

Inclusive: LEAD academies target represent all races, religions, and ethnicities

Gender Equal: LEAD academies break down persistent gender barriers in education and sport by striving for 50:50 gender equality at the student, staff, and board levels

Holistic Learning: LEAD academies augment local Ministry of Education curriculum with leadership, entrepreneurship, STEM, and life skills courses to promote holistic learning

Access: LEAD academies target at least half of students to come from low-income households

Local Leadership: LEAD academies identify local talent to found, shape and lead our academies, ensuring they are embedded in local culture


Education first, sport second

At LEAD, we understand the profound power of sport to capture the energy and imagination of youth.

Our main priority, however, is to provide a holistic, comprehensive education that equips our student-athletes with the skills they need to achieve their dreams.

These dreams are just as diverse as our students. From doctors, to lawyers, to actors, to musicians to sporting heroes, we encourage all ambition. Our primary goal is to develop future leaders.

We target 50 academies by 2050 - empowering 25,000 young leaders every year.


Academy Programs


Africa has the highest rate of education exclusion in the world. More than one-fifth of 6-11 year olds are out of school, followed by more than 60% of 15-17 year olds. Low attendance rates are compounded by poor quality. The continent has the lowest literacy rate of any region in the world.

Our academic programs are created with the input of local education ministries and country-specific scholars. Lesson plans reject rote learning and promote dynamic, immersive and enriching classroom environments. Locally sourced curricula are complemented by LEAD’s flagship leadership, entrepreneurship, and STEM courses.

Every country needs prestigious education providers, those special institutions that break down barriers and redefine the definition of what is possible. Our academies raise the bar by pushing limits and setting standards.


Our student-athletes engage in at least two hours of sport training per day. LEAD’s flagship academy, Monrovia Football Academy in Liberia, is focused on football, but future academies will feature a diverse array of sports. Our academies deliver comprehensive sport curricula that disrupt bad habits, introduce fundamental techniques, and encourage creativity.


Quality academic classes and professional sport training are augmented by daily life skills lessons. LEAD academies partner with both local and global organizations to teach HIV/AIDS prevention, conflict resolution, financial literacy, yoga and meditation, and digital literacy, ensuring our graduates leave as well-rounded individuals.


Nutritional requirements vary depending on the country, but our academies invest heavily to ensure our student-athletes have balanced, nutrient-rich diets.


All academy staff members have medical insurance. Student-athletes are insured for injuries while participating in sport, and academy medics also provide on-site healthcare.